123411 for Users

Find out about exclusive discounts and promotions for your favorite restaurants and businesses! By using 123411 you can receive and request information about your favorite businesses and restaurants on your mobile phone. Ask your favorite restaurants and businesses if they have 123411 today to start receiving exclusive discounts, promotions and information today! 123411 uses a standard rate short code so there is no additional charge to you beyond what you pay for sending or receiving text messages. If you have an unlimited text messaging plan, using 123411 is completely free.

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Q: Will 123411 work with my carrier?
A: 123411.ca™ works with all Canadian wireless carriers and almost all cell phones.

Q: Will you be sending me paid advertising from other people, SPAM or otherwise?
A: No. 123411.ca™ operates with a strict NO-SPAM policy.

Q: How do I stop receiving alerts from 123411?
A: Simply send “stop” to 123411 to opt-out.   (Standard message rates apply)

Q: What is a short-code and how do I interact with it?
A: Short codes are 5 or 6 digit easily remembered phone numbers that allow cell phones to communicate and connect with text messaging systems or platforms to upload or download information. You can simply text 123411 the same way you would text any other phone number.

W: What are Location-Based Services?
A: Some of the services provided by Broadplay Inc. will attempt to determine your location. You will be asked for permission the first time each service requires your location. Broadplay Inc. will never determine your location for any purpose other than to provide information that you requested directly (such as to find to a closest store location). If you wish to opt-out of location services you simply need to discontinue requesting information from our products that use your location (such as store locators). At no point will you ever be opted-in to any program that will obtain your location automatically. Broadplay Inc. will never share your location data with any third parties. Broadplay Inc. does not permanently store your location for any purpose. Your location is stored temporarily (session data) to facilitate navigation within an application.

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