Terms & Conditions

  • Each registered Client of 123411.ca™ agrees to the delivery of their ITR content information as contained within the 123411.ca™ system by text message.

  • Unused text messages, included in the registration bundles are not carried over from one service term to the next.

  • Each 123411.ca™ request for the delivery of Client ITR content information will entail the delivery of two text messages to the end user’s cell phone as follows:

    1. The first message will include the ITR Main Menu.
    2. The second message will offer an option for the end user to sign up to an alert service

  • The Client understands that spamming cell phones for the purpose of executing an outbound mobile marketing campaign is not tolerated. The Client must have the permission of the end user in order to push information to the end user’s cell phone. If 123411.ca™ recognizes any spamming activities through its monitoring of usage patterns it will terminate the service for the offending party immediately without refund.

  • Broadplay Inc. maintains ownership of all registered keywords within the 123411.ca™ system and may suspend service with 30-days’ notice to the customer. In the event of termination or suspension, the affected Client may be refunded the amount of the value of the remaining service term length.

  • No refund of unused text messages upon cancellation.

  • Broadplay Inc. reserves the right to contact opted-in subscribers to Alert notifications of new or upcoming 123411.ca™ features or services or other products and services offered through the Broadplay Inc. short-code 123411.

  • Carrier standard message rates apply to allow inbound and outbound messages to and from the 123411.ca™ system.

  • 123411.ca™ reserves the right to reject information that is vulgar, distasteful or not valid business profile information as determined wholly by 123411.ca™.

  • In the event that Client information is rejected by 123411.ca™, a full refund will be applied to the applicant’s credit card.

  • All Client information that is delivered TO a customer’s cell phone will be subject to standard rated carrier message delivery fees. If the customer has an unlimited bundle of messages with his or her carrier these fees will not apply.

  • All requests for Client information to the 123411.ca™ system or replies for Alerts FROM a 123411.ca™ end user’s cell phone will be subject to standard rated carrier message delivery fees. If the 123411.ca™ end user has an unlimited bundle of messages with his or her carrier these fees will not apply.

  • 123411.ca™ does not guarantee the delivery of the 123411.ca™ Client ITR content information as there are circumstances beyond the control of 123411.ca™ that may involve service disruptions on the part of the wireless network carriers. 123411.ca™ expects that 99% of text messages sent to and from the 123411.ca™ system will be delivered. In the case where a delivery failure occurs, 123411.ca™ will not debit the 123411.ca™ Holder’s bundle of messages.

  • 123411.ca™ reserves the right to change the short-code that users use to access the system. All 123411.ca™ Holders will be notified by text message and by e-mail (if available) in advance of such a change if it were to occur. All 123411.ca™ end users who have signed up for Alerts will be notified of the change by text message.
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