RealEstate411 - Delivering instant info and pictures by text.

RealEstate411 provides realtors with the opportunity to enhance the effectiveness of selling their listings by allowing potential buyers to instantly retrieve pictures and listing information via their mobile phone.

Some of the features available on RealEstate411 include:

  • Property Pictures
    RealEstate411 is designed to display the most relevant property information first: property details, pictures and the option to request a call back from the listing agent.
  • Detailed Options Menu
    Prospects can choose to view the agent’s contact details, request information about the property to be sent to their e-mail and view other properties listed by the agent.
  • Call Me and Sell My House
    A special feature is included for prospects wishing to speak to the listing agent about the property or for those wishing to list their own property with the agent.
  • Qualify your Leads with RealEstate411
    Property details and pictures of the property can be viewed on RealEstate411, giving prospects a better understanding of the property. Interested prospects will request a call back from the listing agent based on the information they’ve just seen on their mobile phone.
  • Track your Property 24 hours, 365 days.
    From the first time the prospect sees the property, the agent can track what information is accessed through RealEstate411 and stay connected when the prospect requests a call back to speak to the agent.
  • Connect with Prospects Instantly!
    Agents can interact with their prospects by giving them an option to request a phone call or e-mail from the agent through RealEstate411.

RealEstate411 features a simple three-step process.
  1. Potential clients passing the listing will see the sign rider and be prompted to text a keyword customized for the agent or broker (Ex: Smith01) to the short-code 123411.
  2. The prospect will instantly receive relevant property information as well as pictures on their mobile phone. The interested viewer is also able to request a call back from the realtor or opt-in to receive future updates on the status of the listing by text message.
  3. Finally, the realtor can instantly receive updates on the listing activity by text, email or daily logs as well as determine what information the prospect has accessed to determine qualified leads. Prospects interacting with the system are not charged as long as they have a text message bundle and you are able to pick your own unique keyword.

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