Mobile Directory411 - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What carriers/phones does this service work with?
A:™ works with all Canadian wireless carriers and almost all cell phones.

Q: What is text messaging?
A: Text messaging is a popular cellular technology that allows people to communicate between each other by phone by sending short text messages. These text messages are limited to 160 characters.

Q: What does SMS stand for?
A: SMS stands for “short message service” and is the same thing as text messaging.

Q: What are short-codes?
A: Short codes are 5 or 6 digit easily remembered phone numbers that allow cell phones to communicate and connect with text messaging systems or platforms to upload or download information. They are similar to website domain names in that they are unique and can be used as a channel to connect customers or end-users to marketing companies or organizations.

Q: Do my customers have to pay for this service?
A: Every message is free however standard messaging fees do apply. Customers with an unlimited text plan will incur no cost.

Q:How and when can I contact Broadplay Mobile customer service?
A:Broadplay Mobile customer service is available Monday to Friday between 9am-5pm eastern standard time by emailing or by phone at 416-410-9919.

Q: How does Mobile Directory411 work for the end user?
A: The user will send a text message with what they are looking for to the number (short code) "123411". Users receive a text message with a list of businesses that match what the user requested. The user receives the name and contact information of the business.

Q: How do I ensure my business is listed at the top of Mobile Directory411?
A: Businesses who sign up first in each category will be at the top of the list; as more businesses fill each category, sponsored positions at the top will be available.

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