Business411 brings the power of™ to all businesses. Business411 allows all business owners to have two way communications with their customers using SMS.

You can send SMS messages to your customers informing them of new promotions, sales or events. Your customers can also gather pre-packaged information about your business through your ITR (Interactive Text Response) site.

Some of the features available on Business411 include:

  • Hours
    Offer weekly business hours and holiday hours for increased customer convenience and reduced incoming phone call volume.
  • Closest Location
    For businesses with multiple locations, your customers can simply text their location to 123411 and our system will reply with the closest location to them.
  • Reservations
    For businesses that use reservations or appointments, you can integrate SMS with your current system through either e-mail or SMS to allow customers to send reservation requests through their cell phone.
  • Contact
    Your customers can find out your contact information, request for a callback or provide feedback.
  • Photos
    Send photos of your business, team, products or even maps directly to your customers' cell phones.

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